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Savings of up to 40% on your Commercial Gas Bills

Savings of up to 40% on your Commercial Gas Bills
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We are a leading independent supplier of Natural Gas to the Business and Commercial sector. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you and your business with the lowest possible price for your gas supply.
BES Commercial Gas are now offering a FREE OF CHARGE AMR Device (Automatic Meter Reader)

Given the undoubted benefits to the customer, BES Commercial Gas/Electricity has arranged for an AMR Device (Automatic Meter Reader) to be installed FREE OF CHARGE with new contracts (Subject to certain criteria). The benefits of the AMR Device include:

An end to estimated meter readings and estimated bills
All your monthly gas bills will be based on the actual amount of gas you have used once the AMR Device has been installed.

The ability to provide accurate real time information to the customer and BES Commercial Gas on the amount of gas actually being used.

There will be minimum gas disruption during the installation.

We are pleased to advise that BES Commercial Gas is happy to cover all the costs in providing this enhanced technology at the premises of any new customer and as such, there will be no cost to the customer for this service unless additional equipment is required, i.e. additional aerials, etc. but this is not usually the case.
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